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  Inorganic Salt
  Food Additives
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  Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
  Organic sulfur compounds

  DAIXI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. is a professional chemical manufacturer and exporter , which was built in 1995. From a Ammonium Chloride factory , she has developed herself to be a group which has 3 factories and 2 export company. And also she is the export agent for many local chemical factories.
We know for the chemicals, only tech can guarantee the quality . And there are 150 chemist working in our company. Also you can see the advanced device and equipment.
High quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, These facts make our client all of the world satisfying with our company.
Our main products are including :Inorganic Salt, Food Additives and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials. More
Zouping Century Daixi Trading Co.,Ltd.
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